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    Angharad Hunt
    Angharad Hunt
    15:54 04 Feb 21
    Excellent service from start to finish! Efficient, reliable and trustworthy. Would highly recommend Jamie and the team.
    J carol
    J carol
    08:38 13 Nov 20
    Amazing service - our garage door had stuck and the wire came off the roller - they came within 2 hour son calling them... and fixed it within another hour. highly recommended.read more
    Justin Nicholls
    Justin Nicholls
    19:26 17 Jun 20
    Used Garage Doors Solutions to replace my double garage door. The work was carried out by two polite young men, who... never stopped for a break very tidy workers. Happy to recommend Garage Doors Solutions. They helped us with everything.read more
    Tom Dziurawiec
    Tom Dziurawiec
    06:28 03 Jun 20
    A fantastic job well done! Very professional Mike & Jamie explained everything about electric garage doors and I... definitely made the right decision to change my garage door for an electric one.Very happy with my purchase. Thank you both for everything.read more
    Nic Shacklock
    Nic Shacklock
    20:08 02 Jun 20
    From the initial visit to order garage door, straight through to fitting, Mike and Jamie where professional. Our new... electric garage door is high quality and looks amazing now it's fitted. I would highly recommend this Company.read more
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    Whatever you’re looking for Garage Doors Solutions Bristol UK we’ve got something just for you – from Electric automated roller garage doors, Automatic Roller Garage Doors, whatever style we have one for you all made to fit with our fine hands.

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    Garage doors solutions

    Electric Garage Doors

    Get the perfect electric garage door for your home or business today by calling us at 0800 020 9839.

    In addition, to offering advice to many UK homeowners. Garage door solutions also offer installation to many throughout Bristol and the surrounding areas.

    You can expect the best results for your home when you select our state of the art electric garage doors.

    With many years of experience handling garage door installation work. Our team has placed new garage doors into many UK homes of all sizes.

    Contact one of our friendly, experienced team members to figure out which electric garage door is perfect for you.

    A new garage door may not be at the top of mind for home improvement projects. But if you ‘ve lived with a manual garage door for years, you may want to consider these three benefits.

    Electric Garage Doors and safety, operation, systems and security

    The safe operation of the electric garage doors, including improving the safety standards for doors in your garage.

    For safety, please follow the garage door safety guidelines as outlined in the Manufacturer’s guide.

    Because garage doors are usually the largest moving objects in our homes or business, safety should be the primary focus. Including maintenance and repair of door and operator systems.

    We install the leading manufacturer doors that are not only the most reliable on the market. But also offers numerous accessories that will enhance the operation of your garage door. And provide you with maximum garage door safety and security.

    Light, activate, control, time

    An electronic garage door system comes with an integrated light that automatically switches on when you activate and open the door.

    These features include being able to operate the integrated light without opening the door. Locking out the radio controls when leaving for an extended time. Motion sensor activation for the integrated light and in some cases floor level remote control.
    Electric doors often have lights that automatically turn on when the door is opened, illuminating your garage for you when you arrive home.

    Electric Garage doors are generally controlled via Bi-direction key fobs. Or if required wall-mount buttons or keypads, where you enter a private code that activates the door to open or close.

    Installation and things to know about garage doors

    Our garage doors come with installation instructions that are easy to follow for anyone with DIY knowledge.

    When you’re discussing your electric garage door installation with Garage door Solutions. Ask them about replacing your garage door if it’s also not performing or looking its best.

    The following article covers the various things you need to know.

    Therefore, it’s important to know what you might be required if you consider replacing a garage door installation yourself.

    A garage door installation also requires knowledge of areas such as electrical wiring. Knowing how much power is required for certain door weights. And ensuring all safety measures work properly.

    Replacing and value of changing an electric garage door

    You can make sure your garage remains energy efficient such as replacing the garage door insulation.

    According to a 2010 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement is the number 2 project in regards to ROI.

    The report states that replacing your garage door will return 84% of the cost at the time of selling your home.

    If you have a wooden garage door that needs repainting. Changing it with one of new pre-painted steel garage doors would be a better solution.

    Garage door solutions can measure the size and purpose of your garage to determine which insulation will be most useful to you.

    Design, house, wood, steel

    We have a wealth of stylish steel, timber, GRP, and aluminium garage door designs to choose from.

    Available in a variety of colours, designs and window options. There are several classic ribbed designs as well as Georgian door panels to match any home’s architecture. The design range will enhance your home’s appeal.

    Timber garage doors are an excellent choice when you want the natural, warmth and beauty of the wood.

    Costs, homeowners, type, recommend

    In addition to the cost of the electric garage door, homeowners undertaking this type of project could face some additional hidden costs.

    Of all the different types of garage doors, up and over garage doors are generally the lowest-priced, making it a popular choice.
    On larger garages, some electric garage doors require more power. Advice on this is often recommended, especially if the door is used more frequently than average.

    Working, inconvenience, button

    If your electric garage door has stopped working after a power cut. The solution might be as simple as checking your circuit breaker to your garage door.

    A common question we get asked is, when I returned from work I pushed the button on my garage door remote — but the door didn’t open what could be the problem?

    If that button fails, and your garage door does not open the malfunction could be 2 things. Firstly check the battery in the remote. Secondly, the most common causes of garage door opener failure are simply the result of the power cut, check your fuse box.

    Battery, power, backup

    With a backup battery, your garage door will open even when the power is out — and your remote, opener and safety sensors will operate, as well.

    Check to see if your electric garage door offers a battery backup, so you can easily access your garage if your home loses power.

    With a battery backup to your garage door, you don’t have to worry about the door not opening if there is a power cut.

    Still, you can avoid the panic by installing an electric garage door with a backup battery feature.

    Sensors, object, pass, beam, detected

    As one of the heaviest moving part of your home. The garage door can be dangerous if no motion sensors are fitted, which detect when objects pass under the door.

    If any of these sensors detected any object under a garage door while it was closing. They would automatically reverse themselves and fully open.

    Today’s electric garage door comes with safety sensors with a built-in infrared light beam across the garage door opening.

    The garage door will automatically reverse door operation if anything interrupts the beam. Including if the garage door comes in contact with a person or object.

    Lock, close, reconnect

    Isolate the power of the electric garage door before you try to manually open or reconnect your the garage door to keep you safe.

    Open and close the door : Once you have the power reconnected, operate the electric garage door once or twice to make sure everything is running smoothly.

    If an electric garage door has been installed in your garage, it may not be necessary to have a lock as they are self-locking.

    Paint, finish, timber

    We recommend visual inspection of the paint or stained finish on timber garage doors once per year to confirm if another finish application is necessary.

    Steel garage doors are pre-painted in a variety of colours. Providing homeowners peace of mind protection.

    Close, attempt, eyes, block

    If the close – limiter is set wrong, it may prevent the door from closing. It can also cause the garage door to reverse when you attempt to close it.

    Activating the hand transmitter: There are several types of transmitters ranging from 2 buttons to 5 buttons. On a 5 button, there are two buttons to open and 2 to close the door, plus a status button.

    On a 2 button remote 1 to open and 1 to close the garage door.

    Track, springs, ceiling, attached

    The guide moves along the chain drive which is a long track attached to the garage ceiling. When the garage door is opening or closing, it is attached via a metal bar to the inside top of the garage door.

    Reliable anti-drop devices, no matter whether your door comes with a tension spring or torsion spring assembly. The Section garage door is protected against crashing down as the anti-drop device catches the door.

    Painting a garage door adds significant weight to a door that may affect the spring and the performance of the garage door.

    Code, burglars, activation

    Recent advances in technology have made it possible to program electric garage doors to control panels with rolling codes. These codes change from one code to another automatically every few seconds for security.

    Rolling code security technology further protects against hacking your remote, by generating a new code. Any time remotes or garage door keypads are used.

    For remote activation of your electric garage door, most door openers come with a choice of in-car or remote devices that can fit your keychain.