Garage Doors Near Me Save Money FAQ

Need Some Answers About Garage Doors?

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about garage doors.

Popular Questions

Why buy a garage door?

There are many reasons for replacing your garage door:

New look. Being a prominent external feature to your home the garage door gives an aesthetic appeal that will also increase the value.

Efficient Operation. Opening an old garage door can be such a pain, especially if the mechanics are not kept in good working order. Today more homeowners are changing their garage doors to an electric garage door that opens efficiently.

Improved Security. Criminals target garages with older garage doors to be an easy root to what’s inside. With a new garage door with the up-to-date security, locks is a major deterrent and defence against those local thieves.

Can I Automate My Garage Door?

Yes you can fit our automated door openers to existing garage doors, with a few exceptions. The condition and working order will have to be taken into account before fitting the electric garage door mechanism.

What are GRP Garage Doors?

A GRP garage door means

The door is made from glass-fibres which are an alternative material to a steel door and can be finished in many colours.

Will my home insurance cover a Garage Door?

Yes your home insurance usually will cover your garage door. We do recommend you check your policy terms and conditions fist to see if you can make a claim.

Popular Styles

What is an Up & Over Garage Door?

This is a garage door that swings from the bottom upwards and comes as a canopy style, retractable or retractable plus gearing. The up and over garage door is manufactured with a rigid box section which forms the chassis for strength and stability. The door can be made from high grade galvanised steel, timber or GRP.

What is a Sectional Garage Doors?

These garage doors are split into sections and maximise the opening width of your garage. They rise vertically into the garage and are manual or electrically operated.

What is a Roller Garage Door?

This very popular electric roller garage door is made from insulated aluminium laths that are available in a choice of colours and timber effect finishes. The door lifts vertically into a box head fitted easily situated inside the garage. With this door, you retain your garage ceiling height and come with two handsets.

What is a Side Hinged Garage Door?

These garage doors

Open outwards and are hinged on the side, and give full entry and ceiling height. They come with a shoot bolt top and bottom on both doors for great security and are available in steel and timber door styles and colours.

Popular Sizes

Garage door sizes?

Garador Up and Over Garages Door sizies

 Garage Doors near me sizesGarage Doors near me sizesGarage Doors near me sizesGarage Doors near me sizes

Size Code

Internal frame size
On-site timber frame
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

Pre-framed canopy door. Overall frame sizes shown*
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

Pre-framed retractable door. Overall frame sizes shown*
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

Frame kit for double door. Overall frame sizes shown*
Width x Height
(mm x mm)

66601984 x 18302094 x 18882124 x 1888-
66631984 x 19062094 x 19642124 x 1964-
66641984 x 19312094 x 19892124 x 1989-
66661984 x 19812094 x 20392124 x 2039-


1984 x 21362094 x 21942124 x 2194-
610642084 x 19312194 x 19892224 x 1989-
610662084 x 19812194 x 20392224 x 2039-
610702084 x 21362194 x 21942224 x 2194-
70602134 x 18302244 x 18882274 x 1888-
70632134 x 19052244 x 19632274 x 1963-
70642134 x 19312244 x 19892274 x 1989-
70662134 x 19812244 x 20392274 x 2039-


2134 x 21362244 x 21942274 x 2194-
70762134 x 2286-2274 x 2344-
71642170 x 19312280 x 19892310 x 1989-
71662170 x 19812280 x 20392310 x 2039-
71702170 x 21362280 x 21942310 x 2194-
71762170 x 2286-2310 x 2344-
73642224 x 19312334 x 19892364 x 1989-
73662224 x 19812334 x 20392364 x 2039-
73702224 x 21362334 x 21942364 x 2194-
75642259 x 19312369 x 19892399 x 1989-
75662259 x 19812369 x 20392399 x 2039-


2259 x 21362369 x 21942399 x 2194-
75762259 x 2286-2399 x 2344-
76642284 x 19312394 x 19892424 x 1989-
76662284 x 19812394 x 20392424 x 2039-
76702284 x 21362394 x 21942424 x 2194-
76762284 x 2286-2424 x 2344-
80642439 x 19312549 x 19892579 x 1989-
80662439 x 19812549 x 20392579 x 2039-
80702439 x 21362549 x 21942579 x 2194-
80762439 x 2286-2579 x 2344-
86662590 x 1981-2730 x 2039-
86702590 x 2136-2730 x 2194-
86762590 x 2286-2730 x 2344-
90662744 x 1981-2884 x 2039-
90702744 x 2136-2884 x 2194-
90762744 x 2286-2884 x 2344-


3049 x 1981-3189 x 2039-
10703049 x 2136-3189 x 2194-
10763049 x 2286--3189 x 2344
11663354 x 1981--3494 x 2039
11703354 x 2136--3494 x 2194
11763354 x 2286--3494 x 2344
12663659 x 1981--3799 x 2039
12703659 x 2136--3799 x 2194
12763659 x 2286--3799 x 2344
13663964 x 1981--4104 x 2039
13703964 x 2136--4104 x 2194
13763964 x 2286--4104 x 2344
14664269 x 1981--4409 x 2039
14704269 x 2136--4409 x 2194
15664574 x 1981--4714 x 2039


4574 x 2136--4714 x 2194
16664879 x 1981--5019 x 2039
16704879 x 2136--5019 x 2194

Garage doors solutions

Garage Doors Near Me

We install and repair garage doors near me. And also deliver and install new garage doors in surrounding areas.

Since our technicians have experience in fixing garage doors and other parts of the garage.

They also know which garage doors are more likely to break and which springs are needed to repair a broken swing door from our Bristol depot on your first visit.

Garage Doors Solutions Bristol offers a wide range of garage door installation services in the Bristol area.

We have been working together for 15 years when we met the owner of Garage Doors Solutions near me. The South West and Wales leading garage door supplier.

Garage doors near me and its team of technicians from Bristol. Provide the highest quality and best service from one of the industry’s leading garage door brands.

Garage doors near me are determined that Garage Doors Solutions has a reputation they can be proud of. Not only as a garage door supplier but also as an independent business.

Choosing the right garage doors near me

As Garage doors near me explain, over the years they have had to replace a number of their competitors’ garage doors and garage door openers.

Based on their experience as an expert in this field and his knowledge of the market. We are the best consultants when it comes to which doors to install into your garage door or its door opener.

It is not uncommon for Garage doors near me to make a door work properly in a matter of minutes. While some customers have had to deal with a garage door that doesn’t work properly for years.

They said they preferred to have an install from a garage door supplier near me in Bristol. We gave them the options available which were supplying an electric garage door and installing it.

We once received a call from a customer who asked us to install a garage door. He had bought online in a garage door shop because he was having trouble installing it himself.

Bristol is located in the South West of the UK, and we are just a few miles from the M4, M5 corridor.

Installing garage doors in Bristol is as easy as we have many years experience and you should not try it yourself. Which is what many do.

Here Garage doors near me Bristol, we are proud to offer a wealth of home installs in the South West area and Wales.

We have received impressive customer feedback and can help you choose the correct garage door of your dreams.

True story

“My wife and I decided to replace our garage door, which had recently been installed by the previous owner of our house. Garage Doors Solutions were happy to help, installing a new electric garage door with remote control access on our keyrings”.

A wide selection of standard garage doors are available. Increase your style and keep it ready if you need to replace your old garage door immediately.

Single garage doors are available in different sizes and can be used for both very small and very large garages.

Single panel doors come with a variety of materials as well. With a sectional garage door, you can fold and bend several panels so that your garage door is open and closed.

Individual doors can also be hung up with a sectional-like system so that they can be attached to an opener.

They come in various sizes and materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, electric roller doors and even GRP.

The best option is to purchase the garage door installation from independent or local garage doors near me.

You need a new door for your garage side door as well as a replacement for your existing garage door and are not sure what is the best contact garage doors solutions for a free survey.

Different suppliers have different prices and installation costs, so choose the best garage door for your property. Some local dealers sell only one manufacturer of garage doors, but others sell a variety of brands.