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Why buy a garage door?

There are many reasons for replacing your garage door:

New look. Being a prominent external feature to your home the garage door gives an aesthetic appeal that will also increase the value.

Efficient Operation. Opening an old garage door can be such a pain, especially if the mechanics are not kept in good working order. Today more homeowners are changing their garage doors to an electric garage door that opens efficiently.

Improved Security. Criminals target garages with older garage doors to be an easy root to what’s inside. With a new garage door with the up-to-date security, locks is a major deterrent and defence against those local thieves.

Can I Automate My Garage Door?

Yes, you can fit our automated door openers to existing garage doors, with a few exceptions. The condition and working order will have to be taken into account before fitting the electric garage door mechanism.

What are GRP Garage Doors?

A GRP garage door

means the door is made from glass-fibres which are an alternative material to a steel door and can be finished in many colours.

Will my home insurance cover a Garage Door?

Yes, your home insurance usually will cover your garage door. We do recommend you check your policy terms and conditions fist to see if you can make a claim.

What is a Sectional Garage Doors?

These garage doors are split into two sections and maximise the opening width of your garage. They run on vertical or horizontal tracks which go into the garage and are manual or electrically operated.

Explain what a Roller Garage Door is?

This very popular electric roller garage door is made from insulated aluminium laths that are available in a choice of colours and timber effect finishes. The door lifts vertically into a box head fitted easily situated inside the garage. With this door, you retain your garage ceiling height and come with two handsets.

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    Garage doors solutions

    Shutter Garage Doors

    To ensure that you can maintain the desired security, it is best to invest in roller shutter garage doors.

    You can increase the desired safety for your home tenfold, and you know the difference. Garage Doors Solutions offers a wide range of roller shutter doors, from the simplest to the highest quality, but all at the same price.

    At Garage Doors Solutions, we have a team of professionals who want to help you keep your home safe. And everything you store in there.

    We install residential steel doors for home in the South West and Wales in the UK. Which ensures that your garage doors function as securely as most of them can.

    Insulated shutter garage doors and other automatic shutter doors can be both an asset to your home and add value.

    Located in Bristol

    In the South West and Wales in the UK Garage Doors Solutions installs and repairs shutter and steel garage doors for home.

    We offer a wide range of services, from the installation of new shutter garage doors to the repair of steel roller doors.

    Our services are not limited to the main garage doors. But we also offer repair services for the garage side doors to match.

    Maybe you are looking for a roller door repair. Or you have after a high-quality roller door that the supplier and his team you invested in have forgotten.

    Much of this deepens when you buy a door to which the shutters attached, such as a garage door or roller door.

    We help you choose the correct door

    If you install a door that people use for a few seconds. It is a mistake to install a cheap door lock, especially if you install it for the room, which is almost never used.

    Therefore, you should always invest in robust roller shutter doors. Even for doors used by people every day.

    In addition to the maintenance of swinging garage doors and steel doors. Garage Doors Solutions also provides and maintains many roller shutters for you.

    Also, we maintain and supply many doors with shutters, we also maintain and install the steel garage doors and then up and over garage door.

    The next type of roller shutter that you need is an automatic roller door. And that can be either a roller door – up or a roller door – down or even a double-sided roller shutter.

    Roller shutters are essentially metal sheets. They are more suitable for outward-facing installations because they are ideal for any home with limited roof space in the garage.

    Most come with no holes so you can see in through to the garage.

    If you install an inferior quality roller shutter and it gets stuck. Jammed or stopped working after two or three months, you can be sure that garage doors solutions will help to fix it.

    Highest quality Shutter garage doors

    If you are looking for a high-quality garage door for your garage we are the best choice. As always we will deliver quality. And our door assembly and door repairs can be as simple as a few hours of work with a small investment.

    We intend to maintain the quality of our high-quality garage doors for roller shutters and you can be sure that we have the highest quality and best quality of the roller shutters available on the market.

    You may need to repair your roller shutters in Bristol, but always hire a qualified repairman to maintain your roller shutters. When purchasing a high-quality door, always use a well-recommended installer for this task. As there are many different types of garage door repair services available.

    When installing new shutters, remember to install them so that they work as they installed.

    If you are wondering if you need roller shutters for your home, you can contact us for more information.

    Garage Doors Solutions helps you find the right roller shutters and door equipment.

    Our technicians are also experienced to install most other types of garage doors such as Automatic Roller doors, electric garage doors up and over garage doors and wooden garage doors.