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All wooden garage doors are made to the highest quality standards and come with a comprehensive warranty.

Wooden Garage Doors

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Wooden Garage Door

Wooden Garage doors

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Whatever you’re looking for Garage Doors Solutions Bristol UK we’ve got something just for you – from Timber garage doors, to up and over doors, whatever style we have one for you all made to fit with our fine hands.

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Wooden Garage Doors

Garage Doors Solutions has been offering wooden garage doors for sale in UK for many years.

Whether you are in your garage, using it as your main entrance or simply for storing your car.

Choosing the right type of wooden garage door and insulating it can be a worthwhile investment.

You can also choose your own style from our wooden garage doors selection for your home.

I understand that it is important to see all the details of your wooden garage door, such as size, shape and finish.

We visit your home so you can see exactly what you get.

Optional design

Your bespoke wooden garage doors visual appeal of your home. And you want it to be everything you’ve imagined and more.

The raised and recessed panels blend well with a wide range of styles. From traditional to modern and from modern to vintage.

Wooden effect doors come in steel, including contemporary and custom frames. But they look fantastic, especially in traditional and historic homes.

This means that regardless of your home design, you can find the perfect door to complement your garage.

Garage Doors Solutions up and over doors offer a wide range of options for your garage.

These wooden panel doors are designed for a variety of different uses, such as a garage door or an office door.

Book a free survey and we will advise you with the best wooden garage doors available for your home.

If your a homeowner looking for a unique new addition to your home, there are many reasons why you should contact us.

Wood effect garage doors

Wood-grained effect doors are generally made of different types of metal such as aluminium or steel.

And are made to look of real wooden garage doors, real wooden doors are made of pure wood.

Our doors in the Wood Collection are made of handcrafted and include such woods as cedar, and we incorporate really natural wood into the design.

Nothing beats a garage door made from the best wood on the market. If you want garage doors that inspire timeless elegance, you should definitely consider wooden garage doors.

These doors may be a bit more of an upfront investment, but they will provide many years of great looks with solid durability.

Wooden garage doors require some maintenance, but they are worthwhile because of the unique look they give to your home.

Make a difference to your build

If you are in the process of building your house your home, consider a beautiful wooden garage door.

At Garage Doors Solutions, you can create a customised wooden garage door that is tailored to your needs.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of wood garage doors, please contact us at Garage Doors Solutions for more information.

Whatever style your home is, a wooden garage door can fit perfectly into your home.

When looking for a house with a garage door, choosing a wooden garage door can give the finishing touches that give the home an amazing look.

Luxury by design

In addition, the luxurious appearance increases the value of your property and improves the overall image of your home.

If the garage is the focus of your home. Make sure your garage door lives up to image as one of the best handmade natural wood doors on the market.

Even if it needs replacing, you will feel great knowing that you can recycle your garage doors from wood.

Whether painted or stained, the beauty of a natural wood garage door will stand out and lay the foundation for a warm and welcoming home.

Residential garage doors play an important role in the quality of the environment and the appearance of a home.

Garage Doors Solutions offers a wide range of wooden garage doors and a variety of options for homeowners. Who prefer the comfort and convenience of their home with natural wooden doors.

Wooden Garage Doors Facts and Questions

Perhaps, you’re interested in natural wood or wood composite doors, or sectioned garage doors, panel doors, or even traditional style garage doors.

Garage Doors Solutions wood doors combine the convenience of modern sectional doors with the classic appearance of up and over garage door for your home.

Traditional Style Wood Garage Doors are made to look attractive with quality craftsmanship. But they open like a regular sectional, overhead garage door.

Homeowners that seek the classic painted white garage door can find their vision realised in garage door styles from our traditional range.

Various manufacturers offer templated and faux wood garage doors for a more affordable price without losing the wood style.

Collection, panel, charm

The Traditional Wood Collection panels offer smooth full wood panel designs to complement the architecture of many styles of homes.

Ashton collection combines classic charm with modern technology to provide a unique, low maintenance door with clean lines and lots of style.

These wooden garage doors complement many home styles, from traditional to modern and add timeless elegance.

Our handcrafted wooden garage doors offer traditional raised, recessed and flush designs that allow you to choose the best look for your home.

Options, window, colour

Our side hinged doors come with equal sized leaves, with the right-hand leaf leading as standard.

⅓ to ⅔ leaf configurations and/or left hand leading doors are available at request. Different window and handle options available.

The look of timber, the benefit of GRP

These traditionally sized doors will integrate exceptionally well into the style of
any modern home.

The finished look of the timber door effect made with GRP is not the only difference. But also by its underlying appearance. These designs come in close grain which replicates a carefully sanded wood, whilst wide grain has a more rustic look.

Wooden garage doors – The natural combination of value and beauty

Wooden garage doors combined with the real beauty of wood with the very best of garage door manufacturing.

Nothing beats natural wood whether you choose from Cedar or Elizabethan range of doors.

A timber door is a sensible choice. With the maintenance and attention, a wooden garage door will last for years.

All Garage Doors Solutions timber doors are manufactured with the same high degree of craftsmanship to get the best from this natural material.

Some doors like cedar rails have chamfered edges and boundary joints creating a lovely finish to the door.

Our doors are made untreated and ready for on-site finishing as standard. But can be requested as an option, a factory colour finish in different stains.

Solid cedar for timeless appeal

Using the highest quality timber our tongued and grooved cedar garage doors are handmade to the best quality.

There are many traditional methods of construction creating a range of classic styles which enhance any home.

All wooden garage doors are built into a steel subframe providing stability security with inherent strength.

The traditional value of the Elizabethan range

Elizabethan range of wooden garage doors includes all the qualities of a natural timber material with the performance you would expect.

Handcrafted from quality solid cedar and high-grade exterior quality plywood, the Elizabethan door range offers the best value for money.

Steel and timber garage side doors

The perfect match to an Up & Over garage door. To further enhances the appearance of your garage we can now provide a side door to match many of our Up & Over designs.

All of these doors are manufactured in a similar way as our Up & Over doors, enhancing the same details and finishes.

Traditional side-hinged doors in steel, grp and timber

With over 70 years of craftsmanship, the traditional appeal of Garage Doors Solutions side-hinged doors combines sturdy and quality reliable performance with easy access.

All of the doors come with a fitted lever handle as standard, providing easy access at all times.

For added security, the option of an outside knob is available.